Wrire Threader Earrings custom size in Sterling Silver, Black or Turquoise

The Wire Threader Earrings are a rustic narrow silver bar made with thick gauge sterling silver wire. I hammer each and craft them in brushed sterling silver, oxidized black or turquoise brushed. Each color is made from sterling silver wire. Very lightweight sleek, easy to wear everyday. You can choose the specific length you want your earrings at checkout.

Lengths in photos: Turquoise 3/4", Silver 1.5" and Black 2".

Comes packaged in my new SoulPeaces Matchbox. Great for gift giving!

***Please Note***

Due to the handcrafted custom made nature of each pair, they will have slight variations from the photo shown and the stars are all imperfect in some way. This makes each pair unique.

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