The Designer

Creator, Owner and Designer


I began designing jewelry a little over 11 years ago. One day I took a metal fabrication course and as soon as the torch hit my hand I was hooked! I started dreaming about how I was going to build a workshop in the garage. I have always been creative (I am a Pisces) but never found anything I enjoyed as much as metal fabrication.

I love imperfect jewelry that is noticeably and obviously handmade. I begin by cutting my idea out of sterling sheet metal, then form, fabricate, sand to a satin brushed finish and assemble. Some designs I create from precious metal clay. The way a piece is put together can make it that much more unique. I tend to like everything unbalanced and irregular but also intricate. Each piece is like a little piece of art with special meaning.

Living in Southern California, I am inspired by my love for all that is natural and close to the soul… music, poetry, the ocean, the stars and moon, far away places and did I say music? Music, music, music. Simple with a little rock-n-roll!