Diamond Shape Modern Geometric Necklace in Sterling Silver- Customized with words

The Diamond Shape Modern Geometric Necklace is solid sterling silver in a large geometric shape. This large pendant is handmade with a beautiful handcrafted organic feel that has dimension. It is slightly curved and tapers at each end. It hangs on an oxidized sterling silver cable chain.  The chain slides through the center of the pendant and will move freely.

Shown are lyrics from Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven "as we wind on down the road" and from Over the Hills and Far Away "i've gazed along the open road".

You can  choose silver or gold chain option at checkout. The pendant only comes in sterling silver. The diamond shape is about 1 3/4" long and 3/4" wide at it's longest and widest points. It is a substantially, weighted pendant.

***Pendant customization***

Depending on the words or lyrics you want on your pendant will determine the orientation if the words can go vertically down or horizontally across. I can place also place a word with the larger and smaller font mix as shown in the first Rock n Roll photo. Please click on Ask a Question if you need find out if your phrase will fit. Otherwise leave them in the personalization box below.

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