Discreet Double Dog Tag Rustic Personalized Necklace

The Discreet Double Dog Tag Necklace is unique and personalized with names and birth dates. If you want to be unique and not flashy, this tag is it. This piece shows a name on the front and birth date on the back of each tag.

This is a great gift for the men in your life who want to secretly hold their loved ones close to their heart in a cool way. I love this worn long on a more dainty chain for the ladies too! A very rock-n-roll look.

The small silver dog tags are blackened to give a slight patina, oxidized look and it hangs on oxidized cable chain. Each tag is around 1 inch high and 1/2 inch wide.

Choose chain at checkout for cable or bead chain. Bead chain I generally use for a man. Request your names/dates in the personalization box below. All font is lowercase only.

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