Phases of the Moon Vertical Necklace- Moon Phase Handcrafted in Brass with Gold Chain

Did you know? People once believed that madness was affected by the phases of the moon. The word "lunatic" comes from the Latin word "luna" meaning moon.

The Bad Moon Rising Vertical Necklace is a design replicating the phases of the moon. The moons are slightly hammered from full moon to smooth at the last two crescent moons. Each moon shape is hand cut out of brass. Chain is a 14k Gold Filled cable style. This listing is for yellow brass moons.

I can customize the largest moon with words. I can only fit 5-6 short words at most.

Length shown on model is 15-16" chain. This necklace will hang down into cleavage unless you are wearing it over the shirt or purchase it on long length chain.

© all rights reserved by Heather Lecy-Martin and SoulPeaces.

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